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  1. Phil has been a huge benefit to me, my husband and my patients for many years. While I wish I was better about going more proactively-we have usually waited until we were in a lot of pain- low back pain, sciatica- none-the-less he fixes it. You leave feeling so much better, and it just keeps improving over the couple of days afterwards. He even helped me drain congestion from a sinus infection once- instant relief. Can’t say enough good things about his work, he is a professional, very skilled and experienced massage therapist.

  2. I have been going to Phil Bordonaro for relief from Muscular/Skeletal issues I have experienced and suffered with, for many years now.

    He has provided me the relief I was not able to receive in my experience with the many chiropractors who tried to address my issues.

    Not only is Phil concerned with and engaged in the relief of my pain, but he has also provided a wealth of knowledge to me on such issues as diet, proper stretching and exercises to address my present issues, as well as future concerns.

    Perhaps most important to me is the friendship he has provided, and the guidance to help me as I age (presently 68 years young).

    In this day and age where the prevailing approach and attitude in business, is the low cost approach to profit and loss, it is refreshing to find an individual who is concerned first and foremost with my well-being, and is willing to spend whatever time is necessary to provide me with relief I need.

    It is very difficult to find value for my hard earned dollar in todays world. Phil Bordonaro, and his Deep Message Service, is the exception.

    Jeff Rubin – Pelham, NH 4/2/2017

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