What to Expect


Your first visit will include an interview discussing your present state of health and what issues you would like addressed during your session. This information, along with assessment and palpation, will determine the focus and style of your treatment. The interview is never rushed. All your questions and concerns will be thoroughly answered before your session begins.

After the interview, you will be shown into the treatment room, where you will be left to prepare for your treatment. Client modesty is respected and is always protected with appropriate draping. Clients are free to wear a bathing suit, gym shorts, undergarments or whatever clothing they are comfortable in and feel secure with.

A knock on the treatment room door will signal my request to enter. When verbal permission is granted, I will enter and your treatment will begin.

The first part of the treatment will consist mainly of flowing strokes to soften and relax the superficial or top layer of muscles. This will be followed by deeper, more specific technique.

Clients frequently experience a “good hurt”, but your comfort level will be constantly monitored to assure a safe and pleasant experience.

At session’s end, you will be left in private to rest a bit and gather yourself before returning to the outer office.

Before leaving, we will discuss your reaction to the session and future treatment options.

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